As the upsurge of non-standard automation recedes, what new challenges will non-standard automation enterprises face?

2021-02-25 15:56:09

A few years ago, there was an upsurge in the non-standard automatic market, which made many people join the industry. However, the non-standard enterprise that has been operating for several years can be said to be a real non-standard enterprise. The non-standard automation enterprises in the market are constantly innovating, not only in technical breakthrough, but also in market space development. Affected by the epidemic situation in 2020, we can see such a scene in the market of mask machines. The manufacturers of masks have a large demand for mask machines, and the suppliers of mask machines have a harmonious communication with them to achieve rapid delivery of production, and then jointly provide more mask protection products to fight against the epidemic. In such an industrial chain from demand to supply, both sides have achieved amazing results It's consistent.

Mask machine production mask non standard automation#

Most equipment suppliers want to see such a scenario, which not only conforms to the development of society, but also brings benefits to themselves. This is also true for non-standard automation. The following analysis may help you:

1. If you want to show your own advantages, you need to publicize through various channels, such as using the company's official website to show cooperation cases, customized equipment and scheme types, etc., or looking for a third-party network platform for promotion and drainage, such as Alibaba, made in China, HEMA Zhizao, etc.

2. Equipment technology and quotation. Due to the relatively large degree of freedom of non-standard automation, it is customized according to the needs of customers, and there is no way to achieve an absolute standard in terms of price. It is easy for customers to choose the one with lower price in this case. When they see that the equipment hardware is OK, they think it is OK, and they may ignore the impact of technical solutions. Non standard enterprises can provide more than Therefore, the equipment hardware and technical solutions need to coexist at the same time. We should explain this situation clearly to the customers and not blindly pursue low price.

3. Communicate with other enterprises. Equipment suppliers all have their own circles. They can't stay out of touch just because they are competing with other enterprises. Only when there is competition in the market can there be demand. If enterprises want to make progress, they don't only rely on their own research and development. They may have more harvest and inspiration by communicating with other enterprises. It's also a good way to understand the market by participating in automated exhibitions.

4. Technology research and innovation is very important. To a certain extent, the popularity of non-standard enterprises is related to big foreign enterprises. They may master some key technologies of independent research and development, so as to occupy an advantage in the market. China's non-standard enterprises are also making independent innovation and progress, and enterprises also need to carry out technological innovation.

5. To undertake the project to pay huge, how to make the income positive. The undertaking of non-standard projects may require different people and equipment to work, "design" is never as simple as the surface shows, this design project may not need a second time, so the human and material resources are also very large, so we need to be very careful when undertaking projects, and the evaluation of the market should be as detailed as possible, so as to make the benefits and benefits consistent Investment is positively correlated.